Arturo Calvo
AI Engineer | Tech Architect | Entrepreneur


Arturo is an enthusiastic professional in the fields of AI and Software Engineering, and a multi-certified AI Engineer and Tech Architect. He combines his entrepreneurial spirit and human-centric approach to create value for his clients, ranging from large corporations and academic institutions to SMBs. He has founded four startups and led complex enterprise systems as a Chief Architect. He is also passionate about advancing the frontiers of Generative AI, Responsible AI and Cloud Engineering through his research and projects.

At Accenture Song, Arturo holds three key leadership positions: Head of Generative AI for the Nordics, Head of Experience Platforms for the Nordics and Head of Digital Product Creation for Norway. In these roles, he sets the direction and leads three outstanding engineering teams that deliver human-centric solutions for world-class clients.

Arturo has a rich and diverse portfolio of successful side-projects, ranging from an AI-powered app for bedtime stories, two popular online games, an ethics & innovation framework, two cultural platforms for Spanish Embassies and three popular meetup groups. In 2019, Arturo built a Generative AI system that produced beautiful NFTs, becoming one of the best-selling AI Art collections on Opensea.

Arturo has received several awards and recognitions for his work, including the Medal of the Order of Civil Merit by H.M. King Felipe VI of Spain. He is an active public speaker and lecturer in innovation programs . In his free time you can find him practicing outdoor sports or devouring a good historical fiction book. He was a basketball referee for almost 20 years. Arturo speaks Norwegian, Spanish, English and French fluently.



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